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MTA is proud to have received excellent feedback from our students.

Post CELTA Internship

” The internship with MTA was a fabulous experience. We got to plan and teach our own lessons in a professional and collegiate environment. The students were really enthusiastic and I developed confidence in my teaching practice. Thank you MTA” Mandy R August 2019

Great CELTA course

“It was an inspiring experience for me to be actually facilitating/teaching a class. The learners were so motivated and appreciative and it felt a privilege to just be given the opportunity to assist them improving their English speaking skills. I am grateful to MTA and its tutors who needed to cover an enormous amount of ground with us in just four weeks, which they did quite masterfully and creatively! And…. what a fabulous bunch of trainees.

T.Deheny, June 2019

CELTA is the best course!

“I finished the intensive CELTA course in MTA two weeks ago. I would highly recommend this center to anyone who is interested in undertaking the CELTA course in Melbourne. The tutors unselfishly shared their professional knowledge and skills of teaching with us. I benefited from their advices and encouragement so much. I am now more aware of the teaching profession, confident in entering the industry and ready for future challenges.
S.Zheng March 2019

Great experience

”I undertook a full time CELTA course with Melbourne Training Asscoiates and could not have asked for a better more enriching learning experience. From the outset, the tutors at MTA made me feel very welcome, and generously shared their teaching knowledge, advice and wisdom. In four action packed weeks, I learnt an enormous amount about teaching pedagogy and many useful strategies for teaching English effectively. I also gained invaluable practical teaching experience, teaching real students right from the get go. Thanks to the tutors at MTA and my peers, I now feel equipped to embark on my English teaching career. I would highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to teach English in the future.
Emily, CELTA Apr 2019

“CELTA got me work in Russia”

I chose to study at MTA because this was the clearest pathway to CELTA. In choosing MTA, I received so much more from this journey:
the support and encouragement was invaluable in developing my confidence as a teacher, by modelling passion with professionalism, the staff gifted me with an inspiring life-lesson and as I became the student-teacher, the creative presentation of theory to practice became relevant and cohesive. I have since completed a 10 month contract with International House – BKC Moscow teaching children, teens and adults, General and Business English classes.
MTA equipped me with a wonderful teaching tool-box that enabled me to not only succeed, but to enjoy the experience!

Karla, 2016

Intensive but great experience!

The course is rather intensive indeed. There were a few nights when I would be up until late preparing my lesson plans; I would end up with only three or four hours of sleep, which isn’t exactly what you need before teaching a class. Week three was, perhaps, the hardest for most of us, as we had to submit (and re-submit) our assignments and prepare for the lessons. The best thing about the course is definitely the people I met—tutors, trainees, and students—and the amazing experience that we had together. I feel quite confident about the things that I learnt on the course, and I can’t wait for an opportunity to put my newly acquired skills to practice.

K.Dimitrijewa, graduated CELTA June 2019

CELTA is the best hands-on course for any aspiring ESL teacher!

Doing the course at MTA has given me confidence and a strong base for creating engaging and productive lessons. The tutors were extremely professional, dedicated and full of passion for teaching.

ESL teacher, Melbourne (graduated CELTA 2014)

My CELTA qualification proved invaluable when applying for my current position as a corporate trainer in Malaysia.

The experience gained whilst with MTA was crucial to building my professional character as a soft skills ESL teacher. Barbara, Niki and Scott will impart you with the knowledge and share with you the wisdom of masterful educators.


With my CELTA qualification, I found it easy to secure ESL work in Chile.

The course is very interesting and enjoyable. Niki is a perfect role model for any new teacher. She is extremely inspirational and has filled me with the confidence to teach any student at any level of English. Thank you Niki.

ESL teacher, Melbourne (graduated CELTA 2014)

The CELTA course provided by Melbourne Training Associates has been without a doubt, one of the most rewarding and beneficial undertakings of my professional development.

The knowledge, insight and confidence I have gained as a result have allowed me to teach a range of learners in a variety of settings and launched my teaching career in China. The mentoring, support, education and training I received on the course was invaluable and I would wholeheartedly recommend this course to those considering a challenging, engaging and exciting step in their career or professional development.


During my CELTA at Melbourne Training Associates I received plenty of one-to-one tuition and feedback, regarding both assignments and teaching practice.

After finishing the course Barbara, Niki and Scott have continued to support me by helping me find work and keep me posted on job possible opportunities


I’m off to France!

Managed to get a job as an English teaching assistant in a high school; I think it will give me a taste of teaching, and let me see if it is the thing for me. Thanks again for helping me pass the course!

ESL teacher, Melbourne (graduated CELTA 2014)

CELTA will give a great start to a first time teacher or a boost to one with experience already.

Your teaching will improve in leaps and bounds and so will your confidence.

ESL teacher, Melbourne (graduated CELTA 2014)

The course was comprehensive and very practical and the tutors very competent and supportive.

The course provided useful tools to use as a teacher for effective learning and the tutors showed how these are used in the classroom in real-life situations.


When I got enrolled with MTA it was like just another academy.

As time rolled on and things became tougher I realized it was not only me, but the entire staff who wanted me to succeed. The never- failing support of the staff was appreciated. I think it was a wise choice to choose this academy.

ESL teacher, Melbourne (graduated CELTA 2014)