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Grammar course online - modules only

If you need to boost your confidence with grammar because you are about to participate in a CELTA course, this course will help you gain the basic knowledge you need. Even if you are already a teacher or you are learning another language, this course will help you review and expand your knowledge of grammar, giving you a solid language base.

Module One – Parts of Speech:
Start here with the building blocks of languages. Learn more about ‘nouns’, ‘verbs’, ‘adjectives’, ‘adverbs’, ‘conjunctions’, ‘prepositions’ and more.

Module Two – Tenses:
This is essential knowledge – learn the tense system in English in a fun and easy to grasp way. Engage with the activities designed to help you see the patterns and retain the knowledge.

Module Three – Future forms:
Become more aware of the future forms in English, grasp the nuances of meaning and use through everyday conversations.

Module Four – Modals and Functions:
Increase your language awareness by noticing the grammar in everyday exchanges using modals.

Module Five – Conditionals
Become more acquainted with the 5 types of conditionals explored in this module. This module will take you deeper into the way verbs are used to express reality or imagination

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