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Online Grammar Course

Everyone can benefit from improving their grammar knowledge. This course is designed to boost your confidence and enhance your understanding in order to help you become a better writer, teacher or language learner.

Our new online grammar course was created by expert grammar teachers, who know how tough it is to grasp grammar concepts. We have used a variety of teaching methodologies and interactive activities to engage you in learning in a way that a grammar book doesn’t. The course is modular, so you can learn at your own pace. Every module has a test and you will receive a certificate of achievement if you complete the entire course.

Online/blended Grammar Course

3x 1hr sessions in Zoom & 5 online modules

Times: 5:30 – 7:30pm
Cost: $395

Online grammar course

Online/blended grammar course

AUD $395.00

5 Modules + 3x 1h Zoom sessions

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Online grammar course

Online grammar course – modules

AUD $295.00

5 Modules

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Course content:

Module One – Parts of Speech:
Start here with the building blocks of languages. Learn more about ‘nouns’, ‘verbs’, ‘adjectives’, ‘adverbs’, ‘conjunctions’, ‘prepositions’ and more.

Module Two – Tenses:
This is essential knowledge – learn the tense system in English in a fun and easy to grasp way. Engage with the activities designed to help you see the patterns and retain the knowledge.

Module Three – Future forms:
Become more aware of the future forms in English, grasp the nuances of meaning and use through everyday conversations.

Module Four – Modals and Functions:
Increase your language awareness by noticing the grammar in everyday exchanges using modals.

Module Five – Conditionals
Become more acquainted with the 5 types of conditionals explored in this module. This module will take you deeper into the way verbs are used to express reality or imagination

Live Online Sessions
3 x 1 hour sessions in Zoom in small groups with an expert grammar tutor, adept at supporting your learning and filling in the gaps in your knowledge. Fun and interactive sessions using online tools and teaching techniques to help you grasp grammar concepts.
Times: 5:30 – 7:30pm