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Our specialised OET Preparation programme aims to improve candidates’ exam taking techniques and their knowledge of the OET exam format, by undertaking weekly practice exams. At MTA we provide a wide range of authentic material within a stimulating classroom context, with an emphasis on communication in medical and health professional settings.  We specialise in speaking development, especially diagnosing and fixing pronunciation problems.
The MTA individual preparation for OET is for those candidates who need to target a specific skill and improve quickly.  We can also prepare candidates individually to suit their time availability and specific language needs.  You can choose your start date, with the aid of an individual needs analysis and a language analysis via a placement test.

Our course prepares you for all areas of the OET exam:

  • Speaking Consultations:
    Strategies and skills development to meet requirements of the speaking exam
    Develop language proficiency: a patient-centred approach
    Focus on pronunciation
  • Writing Referral Letters:
    Task achievement: clarity, coherence and cohesion in paragraph writing
    Improving accuracy: grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Reading and Listening development.

Email us at  or call 1300 321 102 to apply and organise an assessment.