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How to teach online

Have you been thinking about adapting your teaching skills to the online context?

Or maybe you are already teaching online, but want to make your lessons more fun and engaging.

Let us help you upgrade your teaching skills so you don’t get left behind in this ever-changing world.

When the first lockdown happened last year, we had to suddenly, and I mean overnight, go from training in the face-to-face classroom to training on Zoom. At first, it was very overwhelming but day by day, week by week, we gained confidence and developed a set of new skills to teach and train online just as effectively as we had in the face-to-face classroom. We know how daunting it can be so we want to share the skills, techniques and tools that will make you a confident teacher in the online classroom, no matter what you teach.

Free online teaching webinar

If you’d like to know more, come along to our FREE webinar. In our live webinar, you will learn more about the online teaching context and some of the tools and techniques you will be using in the Workshop. It’s also a great chance to get to know us, ask us questions and find out more about the Online Teaching Experience and the international students you could be teaching.

Next Free webinar:
Topic: Introduction to Online Teaching
Register your interest in the next Webinar: Wed 22nd Sep, 6:30 – 7pm here

Workshop: How to teach online.

When: Saturday September 25th 10am – 12pm and 1- 3pm
Our workshop will give you hands-on experience of the tools you can use to make your online lessons engaging, interactive and fun. You will receive expert training and support throughout, and the collaborative nature of the workshops means you can share your fears, ideas and feedback with each other so you gain confidence in your online teaching skills.

This workshop is for you if:

  • you would like to apply for online teaching roles but lack confidence
  • you would like to teach online but doubt your technology skills
  • you need to adapt to the online teaching context but find it overwhelming
  • are thinking about doing the CELTA course but not sure if you can cope with doing it in the online environment so want to have a go first
  • have already decided to enrol in the CELTA but would like some tips and practice before starting the course to give yourself an advantage
  • are already teaching online but feel your lessons could be more interactive and engaging for your students (no matter what you teach)

Online Teaching Experience

Would you like to gain practical experience teaching in the online classroom, with real students?

Take advantage of the invaluable opportunity to practise your new skills in a real online classroom with ESL (English as a Second Language) adult learners.

These lessons will not be assessed so no pressure, but as part of the experience, we offer one optional observation – this way you can get individual feedback on your lessons and the online techniques you are using.

Our Online Teaching Experience is the ultimate way to gain the confidence you need to teach in the online classroom.

Online workshop

How to teach online – workshop only

AUD 99

4-hour workshop

  • find out how to keep participants engaged at all times
  • enjoy taking part in activities and using online tools
  • practise on your peers to gain confidence

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Online grammar course

How to teach online – workshop & Online teaching experience

AUD 199

When: TBA
2 practice lessons

  • put into practice with a real online class
  • meet empathetic and motivated learners
  • be supported as you try out online techniques and tools

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