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Effective Teaching PD

Summer Edition

Summer 2020: Saturday 11th January.
Morning PD: 9.30am-12.30pm
Afternoon PD: 1.30pm-4.30pm

A Lexical Approach

Niki Walker

In the first session, teachers will explore lexis based activities, ideas for implementing the lexical approach and exploiting materials to develop students’ language.

Writing in Class

Vesna Stefanov

In the second session, with concrete activities we will explore various communicative approaches to teaching writing in the classroom, and how with guidance and collaboration, students can empower themselves to be better writers in English

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Summer 2020
 Melbourne Training Associates is pleased to present the Summer edition of Effective Teaching PD 2020 on Saturday 11th January. 
There will be a morning PD and an afternoon PD, each featuring two sessions. We look forward to another engaging day of professional development and networking! Please email Vesna, Cameron or Niki at [email protected]  for more information.You can also call us on (03) 9041 5341.

Effective Teaching PD is a series of best practice professional development and training workshops for English language teachers with a focus on effectively improving the standard of classroom teaching and student engagement. Workshops will run multiple times a year and feature speakers on topics in response to common teaching concerns.