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online, part-time courses in 2022

Online part-time CELTA programs

MTA has been delivering online CELTA courses for eight years and has adapted effectively to running all our CELTA courses in 2020 and 2021 online. We continue to adapt and improve the experience of our candidates to ensure that they are trained at a high standard. CELTA online with MTA is a flexible and effective programme. In 2022 we have courses online part time courses in the evenings for workers, in the school holidays for school teachers and on Saturdays for busy professionals. Our tutors will guide, support and interact with you online, while you complete the Cambridge online units, prepare for teaching and teach live via Zoom.
Next course
Online part-time CELTA
01/10/2022 - 03/23/2022
10 weeks
Time commitment
12-15 hours per week for online units, lesson plannng and assignments
Teaching practice
Tuesday & Thursday evenings 5:30pm - 8:30pm (AEST)
Tutor support
Support for teaching online, understanding methodology and grammar, helpful and insightful feedback. Daily availability.
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A course for everyone

At Melbourne training associates we train people of all ages. Whether you be a new graduate, in midlife seeking a career change, or are just looking for new adventures, despite your background you will benefit from CELTA. 

We warmly welcome all levels of teaching experience, from non-English speakers who have never taught before to people who have taught for years, there is a place for you.

Opening career pathways

At MTA we go beyond the classroom and into employment. Our international team will support you finding work, and assist with the process from sourcing available positions to interview skills anywhere in the world.

We offer internships and ongoing professional development as you go forward in your career.

Upcoming courses

Type Dates Cost
Online part-time CELTA 10 Jan 2022 -23 Mar 2022 AUD 3100.00

Part-time online CELTA
Choose the timetable to suit you:
1. 12-week course with teaching practice twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.
2. 12-week course with teaching practice twice a week on Monday and Wednesday evenings.
3. 12-week course with teaching practice on Saturday afternoons and feedback on Monday evenings.
Online, part-time CELTA for school teachers
A 14-week timetable for busy school teachers:
Orientation: 2 days in the September school holidays 27th & 28th
Term 4: Prepare for teaching and complete the online Cambridge units approx 10 hours per week.
January 10 - 25th 2022: Teaching practice
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CELTA info

  • Why the Cambridge CELTA?

    Why the Cambridge CELTA?

    The Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching (CELTA) is the most widely recognised pre-service ELT qualification in Australia and throughout the world. If you would like to teach in a university language centre or private language school the requirements are usually a CELTA, plus an undergraduate degree. The CELTA is the most well known and recognised TESOL certificate. It is externally validated and overseen by Cambridge University.

    If you wish to gain further qualifications and develop a career in ESL, the CELTA is a pathway to the Masters in TESOL at the University of Melbourne or the Cambridge DELTA course.

    It’s possible to do the course intensively in five weeks or part-time over 10 or 12 weeks. We also run a blended/ online CELTA, where teaching practice takes place over three intensive weeks in the January school holidays. Watch a video demonstration of the online course here.

  • Aims of the Course

    Aims of the Course

    The CELTA provides training to people with little or no previous experience in teaching English to adults and is therefore very practical in content. The course aims to increase candidates’ language awareness and develop competence in communicative language teaching as well as an understanding of current teaching methodologies.

  • Entry to the Course

    Candidates must:

    • Be at least 20 years of age (applicants over 18 may be interviewed in exceptional cases).
    • Have a good educational background (preferably of university entrance standard).
    • Have an excellent command of written and spoken English.
  • Duration of the Course

    Duration of the Course

    The full-time course is 5 weeks long and consists of approximately 120 hours.
    Due to its intensive nature, the course requires a high level of commitment.
    To help ensure success, candidates should be free of any other work or study commitments for its duration.

    Contact us to know more about the next part-time online course that runs for 10 weeks. Teaching practice is on Tuesday and Thursday evenings or Monday and Wednesday evenings. Cambridge online units provide the input along with expert guidance and support from tutors.

    The tutors will run training sessions online and there is plenty of support available from tutors even though you are not in the classroom. The online CELTA is popular with trainees as they can attend the course from all over Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

  • Course Content

    Course Content

    See a sample timetable to get an idea of a typical day on a CELTA course.

    The course is divided into:
    Language Analysis
    These sessions:

    • Develop an ability to analyse language in terms of meaning, form, sound and usage
    • Mainly focus on grammar and pronunciation.

    These sessions cover:

    • Different approaches to language teaching;
    • Techniques for presentation and practice of new language;
    • Classroom management;
    • Lesson-planning;
    • Use of commercially produced and authentic materials;
    • Developing listening, reading and writing skills.

    Teaching Practice

    • Each trainee is required to complete a minimum of 6 hours observed teaching practice with classes of adult learners.

    Observation of Experienced Teachers

    • This involves observing Language Centre teachers for a total of 8 hours during the course.
  • Course Requirements & Course Assessment

    Course Requirements & Course Assessment

    Assessment is continuous and is based on:

    • Performance in Teaching Practice;
    • An ability to evaluate one’s own lessons;
    • The quality/punctuality of written assignments;
    • Lesson plans;
    • Participation in all aspects of the course attendance, which is expected to be 100%.

    It is possible to pass the course at three levels:

    • PassA
    • PassB
    • PassC

    The final grades are awarded by the tutors and ratified by the visiting assessor after the course.

  • Certification


    Certificates are awarded by UCLES. In addition, each candidate receives a final report from Melbourne Training Associates.

  • Application Procedure

    Application Procedure

    1. Complete the application task (which includes a Language Awareness Task and conditions of enrolment) and return it to the address below.
  • Observers


    If an applicant fails to meet the entry requirements, it may be possible to complete the course as an ‘observer’. Observers participate in most components of the course but are not formally assessed. At the end of the course, they receive a full report from Melbourne Training Associates outlining the course content and their progress.

  • The Online CELTA

    The Online CELTA

    The part-time blended CELTA course runs for 12 weeks. Teaching practice will take place two intensive weeks at the end of the course. The rest of the course will be taught online. The tutors will run training sessions online and there is plenty of support available from tutors even though you are not in the classroom. The blended CELTA (incorporating face-to-face and online training) is popular with trainees who are unable to attend all the sessions at our centre, but who wish to complete the CELTA within a relatively short time-frame. It also appeals to trainees living outside of Melbourne by reducing the number of days at the centre: the teaching practice element can be completed intensively in two weeks.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about the Cambridge CELTA Online.

    Feedback on the online CELTA:

  • Further information

    Further information:

    Melbourne Training Associates

    Level 1
    245 Cardigan Street (just south of Grattan St)
    Carlton, AUSTRALIA 3053
    Phone (03) 9041 5341