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The Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) is authorised by the  University of Cambridge UK and is the world’s most highly regarded TESOL course (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).

Melbourne Training International stands out as an authorised centre due to our focus on supporting individuals: pre, during and post CELTA.  Our team is small and dedicated to ensuring your CELTA course is the best experience possible. As our online courses are small and boutique, we are able to provide high quality and effective training.

We have courses in the evenings for workers, in the school holidays for school teachers and on Saturdays for busy professionals. Our tutors will guide, support and interact with you online, while you complete the Cambridge online units, prepare for teaching and teach live via Zoom.

Online part-time CELTA
Feb 14th - May 5th 2022AUD 3100.00
Online part-time CELTAMarch 21st - May 31st 2022AUD 3100.00
Full-time 5 week CELTA (online/face-face)April 26th - May 27th 2022AUD 3100.00
Online part-time CELTAMay 17th - July 29th 2022AUD 3100.00
Online part-time CELTAJune 20th - Sep 2nd 2022AUD 3100.00
Online part-time CELTAJuly 25th - Oct 7th 2022AUD 3100.00
Online part-time CELTAAug 29th - Nov 11th 2022AUD 3100.00
Online part-time CELTAOct 3rd - Dec 7th 2022AUD 3100.00
Blended part-time/full-time CELTAOct 3rd - Jan 27thAUD 3100.00
Online part-time CELTANov 7th - Feb 10th 2023AUD 3100.00

A course for everyone

At Melbourne Training International we train people of all ages. Whether you are a new graduate, in midlife seeking a career change, or are just looking for new adventures, despite your background you will benefit from CELTA. 

We warmly welcome all levels of teaching experience: from non-English speakers who have never taught before to people who have taught for years, there is a place for you.


Our online CELTAs start gently with orientation to the course and training in Zoom. Observing your tutor teach provides the support you need to begin your teaching practice.

Weekly live inputs complement and bring to life the study you are doing through the Cambridge online units. Support with lesson planning and assignments keeps you focused and able to progress throughout the course.

celta online
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Is CELTA worth it?

Learning and teaching English online has become popular all over the world. There are increasing numbers of opportunities for qualified teachers to be employed in a range of contexts.

At MTI we go beyond the classroom and into employment. Our international team will support you in finding work around the world, and assist you with sourcing available positions, writing your resume and practising your interview skills.

We offer internships and ongoing professional development as you move forward in your career.

Part Time
Online Celta

A 10-week course, with a one-week mid-course break, gives you time to develop and process as you go.

Teaching practice takes place on two week nights.

Your weeks will be productive and fun on a part-time online CELTA course, with lots to learn, practise and observe.

Online Celta

A 14-week course for busy school teachers. 

This specialised timetable will provide the time and space to complete orientation and teaching practice during the school holidays.

The input on CELTA will be refreshing and assist teachers to enhance their current teaching or transition to teaching adults.


Why the Cambridge CELTA?

The Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching (CELTA) is the most widely recognised pre-service ELT qualification in Australia and throughout the world. The CELTA is the most well known and recognised TESOL certificate and the vast majority of employers in this industry ask for a CELTA certificate.  It is externally validated and overseen by Cambridge University.

If you wish to gain further qualifications and develop a career in ESL, the CELTA is a pathway to the Masters in TESOL at the University of Melbourne or the Cambridge DELTA course.

We all know that the world has changed since early 2020.  CELTA has changed too and is now approved by Cambridge to be undertaken completely online.  The online CELTA can be taken from anywhere in the world and engages participants in a practical hands-on experience dealing with real students online. Future employment of teachers will definitely require the ability to teach online.

At MTI we use Zoom as the platform and provide support and guidance in how to use this technology, alongside the training in English language teaching.

The online CELTA is popular with trainees as they can attend the course from all over Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, Indonesia and even South Africa.

CELTA provides training for people with little or no previous experience, as well as development for teachers with a lot of experience.  The focus is on the practical skills and through live classes with real students, participants develop competence in communicative language teaching as well as an understanding of current teaching methodologies.The course aims to increase candidates’ language awareness and knowledge of how English works.

Candidates must:

  • Be at least 20 years of age (applicants over 18 may be interviewed in exceptional cases).
  • Have a good educational background (preferably of university entrance standard).
  • Have an excellent command of written and spoken English.

At MTI we run 12 – 14 week part-time, online CELTA courses. 

Contact us to know more about the next part-time online course that runs for 10 weeks. Teaching practice is on Tuesday and Thursday evenings or Monday and Wednesday evenings, or a CELTA with teaching practice on Saturday afternoons.

We even run a CELTA for school teachers, which fits in with the holidays and busy programmes school teachers have. 

The course is divided into:

Language Analysis

  • Develop an ability to analyse language in terms of meaning, form, sound and usage



  • Different approaches to language teaching;
  • Techniques for presentation and practice of new language;
  • Classroom management;
  • Lesson-planning;
  • Use of commercially produced and authentic materials;
  • Developing listening, reading and writing skills.

Teaching Practice

  • Each trainee is required to complete a minimum of 6 hours assessed teaching practice with classes of adult learners.

Observation of Experienced Teachers

  • CELTA trainees observe their tutors teaching online and also filmed lessons through the online Cambridge platform.

Assessment is continuous and is based on:

  • Performance in Teaching Practice;
  • An ability to evaluate one’s own lessons;
  • The quality and accuracy of written assignments;
  • Lesson plans;
  • Punctuality and participation in all aspects of the course  attendance, which is expected to be 100%.

It is possible to pass the course at three levels:

  • Pass A
  • Pass B
  • Pass 

The final grades are awarded by the tutors and ratified by the visiting assessor after the course.

Certificates are awarded by Cambridge University and contain the centre number and grade. The CELTA certificate is the same for both face-face training and online training.

In addition, each candidate receives an official results letter immediately after completion of the course, which is recognised for employment.  A final report from Melbourne Training International is issued with the CELTA certificate.

Step 1: Complete the online application (here)

Step 2: Interview: MTI will contact you via email to organise a time for an online interview.  In the interview we will talk about your plans, expectations and the course in more detail.  You will complete written tasks before or after the interview.  It is a time to ask questions and get to know one of your tutors.

Step 3: Preparing for the course:  A deposit of $300 is required, once accepted on the course. MTI will send you some self-study materials and access to the recommended methodology book and grammar book needed for the course.

Step 4: Full payment of the course fee is due two weeks before the start date.

Contact MTI:

P: 1300 321 102

• E: [email protected]