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Business English

Improve your Business English

Improve your professional online and face-face communication.
Flexible and tailored programmes to suit your specific needs.

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Goals and content

Tailored to meet your needs and achieve your goals, which may include all or some of the following:

  • Improve pronunciation.
  • Become more accurate with grammar.
  • Choose appropriate vocabulary and expressions for formal or informal communication.
  • Write better emails, responses, reports, proposals and advertising content.
  • Develop language skills for negotiation, business social events, meetings and presentations.
  • Develop skills and strategies for effective online communication.

Dates & times

Scheduled within business hours and to suit your work commitments.


Prices range from $750 for 6 sessions, but this varies according to your personal objectives and your timeframe.

So far our clients have been engineers, architects, car designers, auditors, financial planners, team leaders, call centre personnel, pharmacists and software programmers. We are used to helping professionals from a wide range of backgrounds and recently we have worked with clients whose first languages are Chinese, French, Hindi, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic and Russian.

Recent testimonials

“We really appreciate that our company provided us with English lessons as part of our training program in Australia. English is our second language and it’s very important for us to know the different Aussie idiomatic expressions, slang and of course the correct grammar to communicate effectively with our clients and customers.

Ron who conducted the training was very effective and professional throughout the training sessions. We believe that it helped a lot to improve our communication skills which is our main ammunition to perform well and contribute to the company’s success.


Marc and Brian
Business students from The Philippines

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