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MTA prioritises high quality teacher and language training.

We founded MTA to create an environment where high quality teacher training and language training are prioritised. We are proud of the high standard of our courses; we do more than provide you with the generic materials and training that most leading institutions operate with today.

We provide tailored language development for individuals and small groups, timetabled to suit, with online components, tutorials and a flexible learning environment. At most language schools the students fit into the class; at MTA we create the class to fit the student. Our classes are smaller and we have the expertise to create materials for our students’ own specific development. Because of this we are able to meet our students’ needs faster and more effectively, leading to excellent results.

We are also passionate about foreign languages and embracing multiculturalism. We speak French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish. Our awareness of how languages work has been gained through teaching across the globe. Our extensive teacher-training experience, both in Australia and overseas, means that we are up-to-date with new methodologies and relevant advice for the ‘international’ teacher. Our language classes are currently delivered to both skilled migrants as well as new arrivals to Australia seeking asylum in this country.

At MTA we are committed to moving towards paperless education, by using a combination of new technology and new approaches to teaching which focus on the students themselves as a resource.

We are situated in Carlton, at 245 Cardigan St (just south of Grattan St).

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you meet your challenges.