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Teaching EAP

Teaching English for Academic Purposes

After completing a CELTA course you may choose to work at a university language centre , where you can teach General English or Academic English.

Our EAP Teacher Training Programme is a one-week course that includes assessed teaching practice of EAP students.  It helps you prepare for teaching EAP and IELTS courses.

Our next course of 2019 has a focus on both EAP and language awareness for teachers.

Please contact us at info@melbtrainng.com.au or 9041 5341 for more details.

Next course in 2019-

Mon 2nd & Wed 4th September
Mon 9th & Wed 11th September
Wed 18th & Wed 25th September

Hours: 5:00 – 8:30pm

Cost: $500

Comments from our ‘Teaching EAP course’ April 2018

“This course presents a great opportunity to get a feel of what it takes to teach in any area beyond just general English. The tutors, Niki, Scott and the ‘guest star’ Vesna, have the expertise, the enthusiasm and, on top of that, amazing people skills.  This workshop is not only an excellent introduction into the trade, but also a highly enjoyable experience.”
ESL teacher, Vic Uni


“I studied the English for Academic Purposes course at MTA and found it be a great blend of both theory and practical skills. The instructors were thorough in their explanation of the additional content which is taught at a higher level and gave detailed feedback on the teaching components. They were open and honest in answering all my questions on all topics from grammar to the inner workings of the industry.”
This course gave me the confidence and techniques I need in order to teach IELTS and EAP. I walked away feeling confident in how to plan and teach a great lesson for students preparing to study at university. I would recommend this course to any and all teachers looking to lift dry materials off the page and into an interesting class for their learners.”
ESL teacher, Milestones English


“It was great having undertaken the EAP Program. Thank you so much to you and to your team!”
ESL Teacher, Melbourne Uni ELC