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Free English

Do you want to learn English for free?

Join our free English lessons in  2018: high level groups and low level groups. Places now available! There is a $40 enrolment fee.
These classes are run by Melbourne Training Associates.  Please come to enrol for April classes at 2pm on Thursday 26th April.

MTA, 245 Cardigan Street, Carlton, Melbourne, VIC 3053 (near Grattan Street, Melbourne University/Swanston Street Tram Stop 1)

To improve your speaking, listening, reading skills (and some writing).

Email us at or call Ginny, Scott or Barbara on 9041 5341 for enrolment details.

These classes are free because the teachers are practicing their skills so that they can get an international teaching qualification. Every class is watched by a qualified, experienced teacher.

The first 5 places are for students who also want to attend our extra English classes (ForME).  There is more information about the classes here: ForME (Free English + Extra English)

Registration for classes is at  245 Cardigan St, Carlton  and you can join any time this month.  If you don’t get into the class, please don’t worry, we will put you on a waiting list to join later!

2018 Dates:
February 12th- March 9th: 2pm-4pm  Monday to Friday.  High and low level groups.
March 14th-March 22nd, 1pm-3pm .  High level group.
February 6th- April 26th: Tuesdays and Thursdays 5.30pm-7.30pm.  High and low level groups.
April 30th- May 25th: 2pm-4pm  Monday to Friday.  High and low level groups.