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Dates and Prices



    We are interviewing candidates for CELTA and other 2017 courses. You can download our application form here:MTA Application Task and email it to us at .

    Call us for more details on 9041 5341.

    MTA can guarantee interviews for work in China, Japan, Hong Kong, South America, Thailand, Oman and Saudi Arabia. Our graduates are prioritised for these excellent work packages.

    All 2017 CELTA intensive and part-time courses $3100
    All online/ blended CELTA part-time courses $3300
    One week Teaching English for Academic Purposes add-on course $500
    MTA TESOL course $500
    Carlton location: 245 Cardigan St, Carlton 3053

    Remaining 2017 Dates
    28th August – 1st September: 1 week Teaching EAP course
    11th September – 22nd September: DELTA Module Two OC
    2nd October- 27th October: Intensive CELTA
    9th October – 26th January 2018: Part-time Online CELTA (teaching weeks 4th-15th December 2017)
    6th November – 1st December: Intensive CELTA
    4th December-8th December: 1 week Teaching EAP course

    2018 Dates
    3rd January- 30th January: Intensive CELTA
    5th February – 9th February: EAP Teacher Training
    2nd February – 13th April: Part-time CELTA (10 weeks)
    12th February – 9th March: Intensive CELTA
    19th March- 30th March: DELTA Module 2 Orientation Course
    16th April – 20th April: Teaching EAP
    30th April – 25th May: Intensive CELTA
    4th June – 29th June: Intensive CELTA
    9th July – 13th July: 1 week Teaching EAP course
    12th July – 20th September: Part-time CELTA (10 weeks)
    6th August- 31st August: Intensive CELTA
    27th August – 31st August: 1 week Teaching EAP course
    10th September – 21st September: DELTA Module Two OC
    1st October- 26th October: Intensive CELTA
    8th October – 25th January 2019: Part-time Online CELTA (teaching weeks 3rd-14th December 2018)
    5th November – 30th November: Intensive CELTA
    3rd December-7th December: 1 week Teaching EAP course



    We run the Distance Delta in collaboration with International House in London.  Modules One and Three are completed with IH online; Module Two (relating to teaching practice) is completed with us in Melbourne through a short, two-week Orientation Course (next one September 11th- 22nd 2017) and then at your place of work. Please see our brochure here if you would like to find out more about your stay in Melbourne.

    Please contact us for more information on 9041 5341 or contact International House via the Distance Delta website here.

    Module 1:  Online: August-December 2017 (see International House Distance DELTA dates and fees )

    Module 2:  Orientation Course in Melbourne at MTA: September 11th-September 22nd 2017

    Module 3:  Online: August-December 2017 (see International House Distance DELTA dates and fees )

    The modules can be done in any order or all at once!
  • CELTA Orientation/ Grammar Basics

    CELTA Orientation/ Grammar Basics

    If you need to boost your confidence with grammar because you are about to particpate in a CELTA course, or even if you are already a teacher and would like to review and expand your knowledge of grammar, this workshop will help clarify and give you a solid language base.

    Next course in 2017:

    February 2017: 1st, 8th, 15th February 18:00 – 20:30


    $330 + GST or $110 per session

    * We provide advanced grammar sessions when requested.


  • English Language Classes

    Individual Language Development
    At MTA we run classes tailored for the individual student’s needs.  Please contact us at  for more information or call 9041 5341.

    English Classes
    At Melbourne English we run English language classes with small groups (maximum 12 students). We specialise in General English and Cambridge exam training: IELTS preparation, OET preparation and Business English.  For more information, please see our school website-
    Melbourne English: melbenglish.com.au

    Our IELTS and OET programmes run for 6 or 12 weeks. The teachers on these programmes are very experienced and can help tailor the class to fit your needs. Please see our teacher profiles for more information: melbtraining.com.au/staff/

    Please contact us for more details at .

    IELTS $220/week
    Corporate/Business English groups $280/week
    OET $400/week
    Enrolment (including materials) $150/one payment

    For all other course dates please contact us at info@melbenglish.com.au or call 9041 5341.

    * We provide advanced grammar sessions when requested.

  • All Courses

    All Courses

    For all other course dates please contact us at or call 9041 5341.